The Trump Administration is Failing America- Incompetence, Racial Divide and Dereliction of Duty is crumbling our Democracy and has caused the deaths of thousands of lives unnecessarily…


 According to PoliticusUSA, far from making America great, Donald Trump has transformed America into what is arguably a “failed state.” In fact, Trump and his Republican facilitators have decimated America in three-and-a-half short years after President Barack Obama set America right again after eight years of Republican rule.


With the GOP’s valuable assistance, Trump tanked the economy and single-handedly created animosity among America’s most dependable allies and trading partners. He is also unilaterally responsible for the deaths of nearly 145,000 American citizens because his focus is solely on all things Trump.



“A  failed state is composed of feeble and flawed institutions. Often, the executive barely functions, while the legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy, and armed forces have lost their capacity and professional independence.


A failed state suffers from crumbling infrastructures, faltering utility supplies and educational and health facilities, and deteriorating basic human-development indicators, such as infant mortality and literacy rates. Failed states create an environment of flourishing corruption and negative growth rates, where honest economic activity cannot flourish.” 


He has systematically tried to dismantle every agency or department of the Federal government whether it is the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education, Consumer Protection Agency (Federal Trade Commission), Centers for Disease Control, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAH), Federal Reserve, FDA, United States Postal Service, Social Security Trust, Agriculture Department (USDA), State Department, Department of Energy and many, many others. Trump’s methodology for dismantling these critical agencies and departments was diabolically transparent – either install well-known industry lobbyists and Republicans openly calling for those agencies and departments’ demise, or by drastically cutting funding to break them.


Trump has made no secret that pitting Americans against each other is paramount to his dictatorial goal. The latest Trump abomination of glorifying racists and gun-toting malcontents who are dutifully following his “call to action” is bearing fruit across the nation and putting lawfully elected leaders in mortal jeopardy.


In particular, calling for Americans devoted to Trump as dictator to be “warriors” in “America’s comeback” has incited calls for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s assassination. It is noteworthy that those death threats are a direct result of Trump’s “call to action.”  Just a couple months ago Trump called the lawfully elected Michigan Governor “that woman from Michigan.


Many businesses, local governments, and individuals are doing what is necessary to beat back the coronavirus—with little help from the White House. On February 24, Donald Trump tweeted that “the Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA,” even as cases were growing exponentially.


It might seem hyperbolic to compare the U.S. government to a failed state that cannot project its authority or adequately ensure the safety of its population. But for much of the past months, the White House has shown an inability to do either. All we got was confusion and misguided direction from this administration. The Trump administration has failed to perform the most basic function of a state during a pandemic—which is to accurately assess the threat.


As of this printing of Detroit Smart Pages Newspaper, America has documented 3,761,362 cases and 140,157 deaths due to the Pandemic, Coronavirus, COVID-19.



Sources: PolitcusUSA,  Derek Thompson, The Atlantic