Since 2006, the mission of Detroit Smart Pages, formerly Detroit Black Pages Business Newspaper, is to provide business owners with resource information geared towards self-growth, management, relationship building, financial planning, customer service, health, culture, real estate development, employment and the opportunity to market themselves and promote their products and services for increased profitability.

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Beverly Smith, CEO


It is our goal to inform, educate, empower and inspire economic nurturing of the Metropolitan Detroit area.

Detroit Smart Pages provides complete Full Service Advertising, Marketing and Consulting Services. Including: Public Relations, TV/Radio Commercials, Promotional items, Business Assessments, and creative ideas to promote your business.   

Detroit Smart Pages has created an extraordinary niche as a desired source for expert business advice, resource information and has the ability to capture the essence and interest of business owners, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and consumers.


Distributed in over 150 locations in the Detroit/Metropolitan area including: Lansing, Flint, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids.


1. Reaches over 150,000 readers bi-monthly.
2. Distributed in over 150 locations.
3. Competitive advertising rates.
4. Read by decision makers including business owners, corporate managers, and diversity leaders.
5. Provides targeted demographics for consumers to support Black owned and other minority owned businesses.
6. Business profiles provide business owners a forum to share experience and expertise in their chosen professions.
7. Provides business news, expert advice and resource information from city, state, and national agencies.
8. Reaches thousands across the state of Michigan and nationally with positive Black role models
9. Provides marketing and advertising strategies to promote your business. 
10. Provides promotional programs for increased sales and profitability.


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