Are you looking in the right places to start, grow, promote or strengthen your business?

Bev's photo November.jpgWe’re reaching the mid-way point of 2017 and many entrepreneurs and business owners are still unaware of the many resources available to them and avenues of help in all phases of business growth and sustainability.   Detroit Smart Pages has been a constant source in providing a good portion of that information through its columnists and articles on the various funding sources and entrepreneurial training programs.

            This publication provides information on new construction developments that are taking place in the city and how to get involved, real estate opportunities, financial planning, taxes, computer technology, good health, college preparation, inspiration, business management and employment. But most of all, Detroit Smart Pages gives all business owners the opportunity to promote and market their products and services through affordable advertising and business profiles.

            If you haven’t read Laura Sigmon’s column, “Smart Business Practices,” it is a must read in every issue. Laura is an adjunct instructor at Mott Community College, in Flint, Michigan where she teaches Small Business Management, Principles of Management, Strategic Marketing, Business Leadership and Introduction to Business. Her company, Best Practices Consulting Services, LLC (BPCS) is a consulting firm designed to partner with small businesses seeking direction in business planning, business development, marketing, and government contracting.  BPCS has a team of four veteran consultants each maintaining successful partnerships in both for-profit and non-profit areas of interest, working to expand market share and sustainable profitability. Go to to read her columns in past issues. You may call Laura at 313-265-3062 to make an appointment for a business assessment and to discuss your needs.

            If you want to know about real estate investments, both commercial and residential, you must read Gary Smith’s and Sandra Dixon’s columns; “Smart Real Estate Investments” and “Real Estate and You.” Combined, both have over 50 years of real estate experience and can guide you through all of your real estate needs and available opportunities for investment.

            Now, if you are in need of letting the public know about your business, Detroit Smart Pages is an excellent choice as one of your marketing /advertising partners. We service over 150 locations in the Detroit-metro area and online. You may also contact any our expert columnists to assist you in any area of business from start-up to business retention and profitability.      

            Don’t sit around and wait for business to come to you; you must do the work to attract business to your doors. Talking about what you need to others and not making a concerted effort to find the resources you need, rest entirely on your shoulders. Contact the experts in this publication to get the answers you are looking for. We are here to serve but we will never know who’s coming to dinner if you don’t make a reservation.